Pangong lake needs no introduction — it is the most famous tourist attraction. Situated in the lap of mighty Himalayas, this place is treat to mind and soul.

Its 134 kms long and stretches between India and China. It got quite popular after shooting of Bollywood movie 3 Idiots. You can spot movie imprints in form of the colorful bum chairs , yellow scooters and Rancho cafés near the lake.

How to reach — It takes around 5 hours to reach from Leh. It is recommended to start early so that you can reach much before sunset. it shows different shades of blue through out the day, giving best of the views during sunlight. For us it was a cloudy day, hopefully we will get to see the sun next time we are there 🙂

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Where to Stay — When in Pangong, go for the tents so that you can stay close to the lake and enjoy some incredible views. Since there tents are temporary settlements don’t expect too much but they are cosy and comfortable. Hot water and electricity supply is for limited time so you need to align with it. I will advise to carry an extension board as the electricity points are also limited 🙂

Pangong Tso from Sidd’s lens —

Clouds , Mountains and Reflection

Shades of blue.. got this when it was little sunny

Pinkish shade during sunset

My fav — incredible nature

Breathtaking views

Road worth strolling

Just before it started getting dark

Thats’ me 🙂

Prayer Stone — You will find them everywhere in Ladakh

Our Tent

How to prepare — Pangong’s altitude is 4250m above sea level, which makes it more oxygen challenged as compared to Leh and Nubra. To add to this, it was the coldest of all the destinations in our Ladakh trip.

You need to be well prepared for this beauty —

  • Irrespective of the month of your travel, carry thermals, jackets, hoodies , waterproof tracksuits etc to keep you warm and strong against the dipping temperature, chilly winds and pouring sky.
  • It can rain any time there and you don’t want to miss the photo opportunities, do you ? So carry waterproof gears for camera.
  • As I mentioned earlier , carry a multi-plug or extension board.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Carry Glucose as it can be quick source of energy.
  • Do Not starve your self. Keep things like nuts and chocolates handy. It is very helpful in keeping the body and brain active in situation of low oxygen.
  • To be on safer side, you can keep oxygen cylinder. You need to get them in Leh itself. Now, there are small and portable ones available at chemist and then the big ones which are available on rent. You can check for them at hotel or ask your driver. Generally only few people need to use it.
  • Stay Positive — It really works. Don’t worry about anything — AMS, weather, curvy roads or anything. Just relax and embrace the nature. This is the best remedy!

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