Kudos to all lovely ladies and adorable men out there who are standing with their partner on their roller coaster Start- Up ride !

What is my connection with start-Up ? — I am ‘composed’ (as I claim) wife of a ‘start-up’ guy.

If you or your partner are working in a start-up or planning for one, you will agree with me. Let’s pay attention to what’s coming next. These lines may sound cheesy(deliberately written like that) but give them a thought, who knows you get some takeaway from them –

“Start-Up aur Rocket insaan ko kahin bhi le ja skte hein…” Think where you want to land.

“Muskuraiye ki apko muskurane ki zarurat hai…“ You have had enough of stress , trust me you need to laugh out !

“Taareekh pe taareekh.. Taareekh pe taareekh .. When did you hit the gym last time ?

“Why so serious ?” Happy souls can handle things in much better way !

“Start-Up ka ek usool hai, madam : no occasion no festival…” Really ?

“Palat…Palat…Palat…” Take a pause to look back and retrospect. It is always good to keep a check.

“Shandar Zabardast Zindabad…” You are too tough to give up. Aren’t you ?

Start-Ups are much more demanding than a high-maintenance wife ;-). Jokes apart, it takes enormous effort and dedication to work in start-up and believe me it takes equal support from your partner and family too. It gives a sense of satisfaction when you know that your better half is doing what they always wanted to do, but at the same time your heart feels heavy to see them working sleeplessly for days and nights. It’s a mixed feeling of concern, anger and proud of course.

Coming back to side-effects of start-up — It may sound cool but believe me it is not as cool as it sound. In normal case we talk about work-life balance , personal and professional life bla bla… but in start-up it is all same. It runs in your blood 😀

What is vacation – Handling an Issue from Taj Mahal.

It is very easy for start-up ecosystem to get into your personal space and in no time it takes forefront defeating all other diagonals. It is very important to understand this before landing into this zone.

Without making it too serious , penning down with some legendary questions we have to answer every now and then –

  • Leaving behind so many big companies why Start-Up ?
  • What exactly is a start-up ?
  • Is it doing well? Are they making any enough money?
  • And this one is epic — Many start-ups are shutting down these days, what about yours? 😀