As a child I use to think that Rajasthan is only barren land with sand all around and hence got really disappointed when I visited Jaipur for the first time — It was no where close to my imagination. Please don’t judge my geography knowledge , it is getting better with experiences ;).

Last December I had my first encounter with desert when we got a chance to witness real sand dunes in Sam. Sam is around 40 kms from Jaisalmer and should be on your list if you are planning for Jaisalmer.

It is generally crowded during season time (specially near new year) so its good to make bookings in advance. We hired a taxi from Jaisalmer to our camp in Sam. Camps generally organize some folk programs in night. So our plan was to enjoy sunset in dunes and then enjoy the rest of the evening in camp.

This place is photographer’s paradise as there are very good opportunities to capture sunrise , sunset and silhouettes of-course. I will let photos do rest of talking —

Tourists all around

Mesmerizing shades

A child taking travelers for camel ride

My Fav !

Golden sky after sunset

And finally a Silhouette

Group Silhouette

Thanks to Sid for his amazing photography !

And when there is family around it further adds the flavor ! Some fun moments with family —

When papa screw up, mumma comes to rescue 😉

Ude dil befikre !

Yes we love posing together !

When there is no scope for discussion 😀

I love sand over camel ride !

Other side of selfie 😉

Some more selfies