Situated around 160 kms from Leh , is a beautiful lake called Pangong Tso(Lake). It takes around 5 hours to drive from Leh to the lake. It is one of a kind and trust me its no exaggeration that the first view of this gem was enough to take away our breath.

The beginning — With all the excitement we started our journey. We got a bit late due to rains. It is advised to start early so that you have enough day time after reaching the destination.

Driving on Leh-Manali Highway, there were Stok range and Ladakh range(which is extension of Karakoram range) fencing the road on both sides. After the highway we entered Pangong lake road, a stretch of it was little rough. There were boulders and stuff scattered here and there due to construction work in progress. As we were gaining altitude, the views were getting crazier and air thinner.

A view of Chemrey Monastery on the way

Some greens in desert

First Stop — So there is a high mountain pass between Leh and Pangong called Chang La , it is claimed to be the world’s second highest motorable road.

It was so lively up there — people getting themselves clicked in all possible and funny manners, riders swinging flags and shouting with joy , some enjoying hot tea in the freezing wether and some in need of oxygen taking a puff of it from their portable cylinders 🙂 We spent around 10 mins on the top, clicked some photos and jumped back into the car.

Chang La !

Changla Moments

Second Stop — Our next stop was for lunch at Tangtse. On the way to Tangtse we saw Tsoltak lake which was frozen. We also got to see some nomads and pashmina goats. The finest and costliest pashmina wool is made from the fur of these goats. They are mostly found in Ladakh , Nepal and Tibet.

Frozen lake at Tsok

Pashmina Goats

A Nomad tent

One of the many bridges in Ladakh

After Tangtse, there were few rough patches due to landslides. But given the beauty of the amazing place, it was hardly any trouble.

Road cleaning in progress

The conclusion — Finally we were there! What a bliss it was to witness the incredibly beautiful lake. You reach there and suddenly you get your dose of tranquility.

We reached Pangong at around 3 PM and spent rest of the day shooting and freezing 😉 It was the coldest day of our trip ! Check out Pangong Lake photos and our experience in the post — Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Sidd at work

Frame being captured in above photo 🙂

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