By the title you would have guessed that I am gadget freak, but let me tell you — I am not.

It’s almost a year when I bought Google Pixel (1) after being insisted by my husband. It was my first time to have this expensive phone, so I was super careful in handling it. It was a challenge for me because I am a bit careless when it comes to phone 😀

Today when Google Pixel 2 is going to be launched, I want to reveal my affair with Pixel (1). In no time I fell for this phone — whole credit goes to its camera! Its better than iPhone most of the times and captures amazingly better shots in low lights.

I don’t remember when my hashtags changed from mere #shotbypixel to #proudpixelowner and #inlovewithpixel

With Pixel 2 coming on board , lets see if its time to bid Farewell to my 1 year old companion 😀

Leaving you with some un-edited shots from my pixel diary !

Night shot of Albert Hall museum, Jaipur

Butterfly garden at Changi Airport (in low light)

Scary look of Glendale Station, LA at night

Love the bold colors

Capturing emotions

Not so macro 😉

Too cheesy to handle 😉

Eiffel at LV

Rajasthani Platter (shot in dim light)

Inside of a restaurant (shot in dim light)